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Like the smoldering desert from which she gets her namesake, Sahara is one hot babe. Donnie takes notice of her supple curves and watches her closely. She sees the older guy checking her out, but she doesn’t mind - in fact, she’s wondering if he’s got a big dick and if he knows how to use it. Sahara takes a chance and wants to give the stranger what he wants. The sweet, curvy teen invites Donnie back to her place, sits him down in her room, and shows off her magnificent body. She knows she looks irresistible, moves her hands swiftly over her perfect, perky tits, and rubs herself down, making Donnie’s anticipation for her grow all the more intense. Completely naked and wet with desire, Sahara gets down on her hands and knees and crawls towards Donnie. He can’t believe he’s about to fuck a girl he just met at the park, but Sahara is about to make his dreams come true.

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